Citoforte works with quality animal feed and feed ingredients suppliers for Distribution in the Asia Pacific and MENA regions.
Products include carob powder, sea weed, vegetable proteins, dairy ingredients, vegetable fats, yeast and others.

Denmark based Jorenku A/S is an established specialist manufacturer of the highly
effective STALDREN product designed to promote a clean, pleasant and healthy
environment for animals in intensive production systems, as well as for pets and animals
in performance sports. STALDREN is recognised as being capable of greatly reducing ammonia odour/fumes, E-coli, Salmonella,
Camphylobacter and other harmful pathogens as well as significantly reducing moisture levels of bedding materials.


STALDREN Full Company Presentation

Broiler House Standard Application     

Broiler House Bio Security Application

Cage Layer House Mite Control Application

Dairy Barn Application, manual

Dairy Barn Application, mechanical

Swine Herd Application

Citoforte works with Jorenku on business development & distribution in Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia,  
Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore & Vietnam, and the MENA markets of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan,
UAE & Yemen, while providing support services in South East and North Asia markets.  
Contact: Staldren@citoforte.com

Citoforte closely collaborates with some of the industry's most capable, innovative and up-todate RAS                               
(Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) service providers, some of whom possesses superior proprietory technologies
and operates on a global scale serving a growing customer base.  

Together with
its partners Citoforte can provide a full range of services from Project Conception over Design, Engineering,
and start-up Management & Training, as well as on-going Service Agreements. Turn-key project delivery is
common but upgrades to existing systems, or supplying parts of systems, also is feasible.  

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Further, Citoforte is able to source Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)  from Malaysian and Indonesian oil palm kernel processors -
see typical specs
here.                                                                                                            Contact: info@citoforte.com
Citoforte has deep and broad expertise in large scale tropical plantation development & management and with access to
specialist expertise within agronomy, infrastructure, engineering and processing can offer advisory services to the oil palm
industry in particular. Citoforte strives for delivering high standards and unquestionable integrity in management of human &
financial resources and environmental sustainability, while at the same time achieving economic viability of projects.

Citoforte possesses extensive expertise in Asia Pacific and ME regional business development and management; e.g. of
sales channels for supply industries such as animal production systems, genetics, feed additives, ingredients and equipment: