Application of Carob powder in food products

                   Product Description:
Carob powder is a natural ingredient for the food industry, and is produced from the      
           deseeded fruits of the carob tree using a unique roasting and milling process.

     Main reasons for its use:

      •        With honey like characteristics carob powder is an excellent commercial replacer of cocoa powder
      •        Excellent stability (shelf life) of food products containing carob powder
      •        Pure natural product containing no chemical substances
      •        Recommended for use in health foods due to its low fat, and high tannins & dietary fiber content

                                                     Carob powder      vs     Cocoa powder (typical contents)

     Fat                                                          < 1%                           20.6 – 23.4 %
     Carbohydrates                                  10 - 40%*                          40.6 - 42.8%
     Fibre                                                   9 - 25%*                          23.4 - 24.9%
     Ash                                                       < 4%                                  7.9 - 9.9%
     Theo bromine                                              -                                2.5 – 3.0 %
     Caffeine                                                       -                                         0.1 %
     Tannins                                           2.0 – 3.0 %                                        -
     Moisture                                                  <  5%                                4.5 - 5.7%
     Anti-oxidative properties                  very good                                        poor
    * depending on roasting choice

     General applications:

     Replacement of 15-20% of cocoa powder is feasible without a noticeable change of characteristics of
     the cocoa powder containing food products such as chocolate paste, chocolate coatings, baked goods,
     cookies, coffee blends, yogurt, ice creams. Replacement rates as high as 40% may be possible in some

     In certain health foods, e.g. chocolate tablets and bars, carob powder and cocoa butter substitutes can
     replace cocoa  powder completely.

     In bakery mixes containing oils and fats, replacement of cocoa powder by carob powder has a positive   
     effect on the prevention of rancidity due to the anti-oxidative properties of the tannins present in
     carob powder.