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Citoforte currently works with its key partners and clients on business development and
management in the areas of Agribusiness (including Aquaculture), Food and Technology.
Aquaculture and Agriculture

Citoforte provides expert Consultancy &
Management services for Recirculating
Aquaculture Systems (RAS) projects as
well as for tropical plantation projects
and animal production systems.

Citoforte also works with leading north
American, European and Asian finished
feed, feed ingredients, specialty
products and equipment suppliers
supplying selected Asia Pacific and
Middle Eastern Markets.

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 Metal Slitting &Associated

 From the Citoforte Technology
 department,  we bring you know-how  
 and guaranteed highest level Product  
Quality and Customer Service within  
these industries:

 - Precision Slitter Knives and Tooling

 - Other Precision Tech Products

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Citoforte works with leading food    
ingredients suppliers supplying selected
Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern

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